How does the Dutch mortgage work?

Buying a house in the Netherlands

When you are an expat and want to establish yourself permanently in the Netherlands you have to make sure you have done enough research on your mortgage options before buying a house.

Can I apply for a Dutch mortgage?

There are certain situations in which the mortgage provider may want to investigate your personal circumstances to predict if they are taking an unnecessary risk. For example, if you have a non-EU nationality, if you are self-employed, if you have a low income, if you are relatively new to a job or if you are relatively new to an area. Aside from these aspects, the amount of the mortgage also depends on loans you already have in the Netherlands or in your country of origin.

If you are from the EU, banks will probably expect you to have a valid passport, and permanent employment in the Netherlands, a citizen service number (BSN) and have lived in the Netherlands for at least six months.

If you are an EU citizen (but not a Dutch national) banks may require you to fulfil some or all of the following conditions: you are employed and financially independent, you have lived in the Netherlands for five years and you may need to pay a deposit.

If you are able to provide a deposit, then mortgage providers may not require you to have lived in the Netherlands for five years.

Dutch banks require proof of income through a salary slip. Also if you have a temporary contract you need to provide a statement from your employer or institution. Your statement needs to be approved by your mortgage provider. After your financing will be guaranteed. Note that banks cannot provide you a mortgage if you are in your probationary period of your job.

If you are a self-employed person, the bank will calculate your mortgage based on your net income of the last year and a prognosis of the second year set up by an expert. Therefor you need to provide bank account records and income tax returns.

What kind of mortgage can you get?

To benefit from taxes, you need to start paying off the loan immediately. Therefore, only two main mortgage types are to be considered.

Annuities mortgage

At the start of an annuities mortgage your monthly payments are made up of interest and a part of loan repayment. When you gradually increase in income, the amount of interest you pay also decreases. This means that you can ask less back from the tax authorities. Close to the end of the mortgage period, the balance inverse meaning you pay a lower interest payment and a higher loan repayment. In the juvenescence of the mortgage period, the annuities mortgage usually has lower monthly payments than a linear mortgage. An annuities mortgage suits people who expect to receive a higher income in the future.

Linear mortgage

When you have a linear mortgage you repay a monthly fixed amount, plus the interest. Your debt is decreased every month, which also decreased the interest. An linear mortgage must be repaid within a maximum of 30 years. From the beginning you repay a fixed amount. After exactly 10 years you will have repaid 1/3 of your mortgage. The linear mortgage is suits people who expect to receive an lower income and higher costs over the next few years.

How can you apply for a Dutch mortgage?

After signing your purchase agreement, you as a buyer get usually 6 to 8 weeks to arrange the financing. The agreed duration of this period is specified in the purchase deed. Note that after the application of your mortgage it takes about 2 to 3 weeks until your mortgage definitely accepted.

Mortgages can either be taken out directly from a bank (or other institution), or via an intermediary such as a mortgage broker. It is recommended to make an appointment with the bank or a mortgage broker to consider the possibilities for a mortgage.

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