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The hague, a great area for expats

The main reasons for selecting the The Hague Area

An area for you and your family where work meets free-time and fun.

This video powered by the NVM provides a good impression for you as expat to come to The Hague. It’s a beautiful area, good public transport, excellent international schools and universities for the children, good area for cycling, going outside in nature and of course the long stretched amazing beaches. We as Olsthoorn Makelaars can help you with selling, buying or renting a property in this area. We can provide you services during each phase of the buying or selling process with an appropriate solution. We are experts and love to help you make this destination into a success for you and your family.

Don’t hesitate to call us, we can tell you all about our services. See which service suits your needs as an expat. Or send an e-mail with your question to: We are happy to help!