What costs are tax deductible when buying a new house?

Below a list of tax deductible costs:

  • The interest rate on your mortgage is with the purchase of a new house tax deductible. (Please note: this interest is co-finances in the interest on that portion of the loan is not deductible).
  • Advice cost/fee for mortgage
  • Building interest starting from the conclusion of the contract of sale
  • Cost requests national mortgage guarantee (NHG)
  • Notary fees for the mortgage
  • Costs for the registration of the mortgage in the land register
  • Any valuation cost
  • Any penalty rate or refinancing costs for the existing mortgage

Keep an eye on tax rules

You can your tax return in the year of purchase deductible the expenses from your income. These costs if you fill in box 1. As a result, the aggregate income is lower and you do not need to pay less tax. Too much paid tax will be refunded by the tax authorities.

The reality is sometimes a lot more complex than outlined above. Your mortgage must meet conditions (you must pay off on your loan), you should consider the additional loan arrangement, and so on. Inform yourself well about this, or select a consultant.

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